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My six year old son recently asked me two very interesting questions.

The first was:
“Do you like your work, why do you like your work and do most people like their work?”

The second was:
“Old people are in charge of things, but sometimes the things they say or do just don’t make sense?”

Both questions are relevant to this &Beyond Impact Review and I will tell you why.

My answer to the first question was that I really do like my work and feel very fortunate to run a company that is full of talented and passionate people who care deeply about what they do.

They are I think principally driven by the belief that they can make a difference to the world we live in by helping &Beyond pursue its conservation, sustainability and 3C’s (Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, Care of the People) mission.

For the second question I had to think quite carefully about my answer as in its simplicity it was actually quite insightful.

As we near 8 billion people on this delicate planet we are wreaking ecological havoc across most ecosystems we come in contact with, both on land and sea. This is not the place to argue certain elements of that people vs planet friction such as the veracity of climate change or the economics merit of hunting vs ecotourism. But it certainly is the place to say – with my own personal passion and belief – that we have a duty to look after what we have been given. We owe it to our children and our grandchildren to nurture this fabulous planet with all its extraordinary creatures and eye opening experiences. We owe it to the mega-fauna on land, to the wild grasses of the continental savannah’s, to the majestic pelagics that roam the sea. We owe it to the smallest creatures, the soil systems, the birds, the rainforests and the mountain ranges. And we owe it to the indigenous people who live in or near these delicate ecosystems and whose very lives are often co-dependent on its continued health and vitality. When one is travelling in these wild places, it is through the eyes of children that the responsibility is so clearly elucidated, often far more so than the accompanying adults who can be weighed down by more narrowed views, opinions, and vested interests and so on.

This &Beyond Impact Report is therefore really important. It is not some affiliated CSR initiative or some attempt to bludgeon the reader with statistics or scientific data. It lies at the heart of our DNA and tries in our own small way to measure the difference we are trying to make across the 9 million acres that is under our custodianship. It ranges from renewable energy, sustainable building practices, energy efficiency initiatives, plastic bottle eradication plans and other recycling efforts right through to reversing local extinctions of threatened species and complicated community development initiatives focused on education, healthcare and small business development.

Ultimately we would like it to be a document that we can proudly share with friends, guests, scientists, local communities, politicians, industry colleagues (and for me, my six year old son) and say “This is what &Beyond represents and believes in, this is our own internal ‘scorecard’ that represents our true north based on our guiding principles of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, Care of the People.

  • &Beyond Phinda wins the Virtuoso Sustainable Tourism Leadership Awards 2016
  • &Beyond wins the Africa’s Responsible Tourism Award at the World Travel Awards 2016
  • &Beyond Mnemba Island is a silver winner at the 2015 World Responsible Tourism Awards (Best for Beach Tourism)
  • &Beyond receives Conservation Award – Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2013
  • &Beyond receives Africa’s Leading Responsible Tourism Award in World Travel Awards 2010
  • &Beyond receives Travel + Leisure Global Vision Award 2010 for Wildlife Protection in the Conservation category
  • &Beyond Phinda wins Condé Nast Traveler World Savers Award for best
    in wildlife conservation 2008
  • &Beyond Phinda wins Phoenix Award for Conservation Tourism – Society of American Travel Writers 2004
  • &Beyond wins Sustainable Tourism Award by UK Tatler magazine 2001
  • &Beyond wins US Condé Nast Traveler Eco-Tourism Award 2000
  • &Beyond wins Endangered Wildlife Trust award for outstanding contribution to the conservation of biodiversity 1997
  • &Beyond Phinda wins British Tourism for Tomorrow Award 1997